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Python is a multi-paradigm programming language that has primarily been developed as a more concise, straightforward, and easy-to-understand alternative to other major languages such as C, Java and Perl. Python programming is designed to be highly standardized, with a clear protocol for any task and little to no need for coming up with elaborate patchwork solutions to get something done.

It's one of the world's most popular programming languages, and is commonly used by major companies for web development purposes. Google has used it for much of their web spider and search engine code, Yahoo built their "Groups" and "Maps" features with it, and the Central Intelligence Agency built their entire website with it.

In addition to web development, Python can be found in commercial games, business software, educational applications, animation systems and many other different types of software.

Node JS

A constant increase is being noted in the number of enterprises adopting responsive web design to optimize the look, feel, performance and accessibility for each device. The new web designing approach aims to customize content to fit any desktop computer, smartphone, tablet or phablet.

As a cross-platform runtime environment, Node.js enables web programmers to build a variety of server-side applications using JavaScript. As the JavaScript applications run within the Node.js runtime, they can run seamlessly on major operating systems and web servers. Thus, the open source runtime environment helps developers to make web applications more responsive by writing both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript.


Nowadays software development companies have to write applications by targeting many devices and platforms. So they look for a programming language that enables them to write the application cod once and deploys the application code across multiple platforms without putting extra effort. The programmers can simply compile the Java code once into bytecode, and deploy the bytecode across many platforms without compiling the code again. The bytecode makes it easier for programmers to deploy the application code on any platform that supports Java. Also, they can easily port the application from one platform to another without compiling the code repeatedly.


.NET allows companies to explore new business models. Just as the Internet created new markets and sales channels, Microsoft intends software services to evolve existing business models. For example, consider a consumer products research company. Customers subscribe to the company for competitive information on all kinds of products and services. Among other data, the company collects auto insurance rate information for its clients; it may even expose this information on the Internet to attract new customers. With .NET, the company can wrap the insurance rate information into a software service that can be embedded into hundreds of applications and sold to third parties. The company now has a new revenue-generating opportunity.


PHP is a very popular scripting language used by most of the website developers to enhance the functions and appearance of the website. It is mainly known to create dynamic pages. As it can be integrated with HTML, most of the web developers prefer to use this programming language.

Moreover, it is quite easy to use as it includes simple formats, techniques and features which can be grasped easily by programmers.

Applications developed in PHP will be less in terms of costing and easy to find the development resources


Angular is the most preferred framework for building reactive single page web applications and creative components of the website. As it is the most used Framework of JavaScript, it was designed as a full-featured framework to enhance simplicity and efficiency. 

AngularJS provides some amazing capabilities out of the box, and can convert your non-trivial jQuery based apps into something more powerful and yet more simple to maintain. Some frameworks simply bundle together the existing tools which make app development very difficult. However, Angular was carefully engineered to ensure that every tool works optimally and delivers great results.

React Native

It is not wrong to say that mobile phones are the half soul of every individual and when it comes to Android development or iOS development, businesses often get confused whether they should offer their consumers, a mobile app with superlative User Interface (UI) and outstanding User Experience (UX) or apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and are faster to develop in the first place. And hence, there comes the REACT Native Development in the picture!


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